Who is Damerino®?

Damerino® is an innovative educational robot creted by Roberto Masini. You can teach, learn and have fun with it. Damerino helps you to learn coding, robotics, A.I., in a really cool way! It’is a robotic face to build, program and extend. For example, you can program his facial expressions and express emotions with his face, create advanced conversations thanks to speech recognition and our software for artificial intelligence, control external devices, see through artificial vision, connect sensors and actuators, etc… damerino robot The programming language is the Damerino Basic that we have developed with the aim of making simple the creation of artificial intelligence systems for children and teenagers. Our intent was to develop a high quality product that at the same time maintained a basic constitutive simplicity so as to be economical and used by everyone in the most varied contexts; our company was born from a passion and consequently our main mission is to give everyone the opportunity to be inspired by science, technology and develop highly creative skills. Since 2010 we collaborate with the University of Bologna by conducting research on human interaction between man and robot applied to education, we have done many projects in this regard, especially with the humanoid MecWilly from which Damerino was born. Here you can get more information on Damerino here. Here you will find information on the research carried out with MecWilly. This is an easy program example (Damerino will repeat everything you say):

say Say something!
save text
say You said: [text]