Damerino translates fruit into German

Damerino translates fruit into German. You can ask free questions, for example: “How do you say apple in German?”

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if [d] = apple* say Apfel elseif [d] = orange* say Orangen elseif [d] = banana* say Banane elseif [d] = grapes* say Trauben elseif [d] = lemon* say Zitrone elseif [d] = pear* say Birne elseif [d] = peach* say Angeln elseif [d] = strawberry* say Erdbeere elseif [d] = cherry* say Kirsche elseif [d] = fig* say Feige elseif [d] = water melon* say Wassermelone elseif [d] = chestnut* say Kastanie elseif [d] = melon* say Melone else say I didn't understand

Damerino presents himself in all languages

Here is a simple example that allows Damerino to greet in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

language it
say Piacere di conoscerti, io sono Damerino
language en
say Nice to meet you, I'm Damerino
language de
say Schön dich kennenzulernen, ich bin Damerino
language fr
say Ravi de vous rencontrer, je suis Damerino
language es
say Gusto en conocerte, soy Damerino