User Guide

Assembly and setup

Step 1

First proceed with the assembly of the robot following these instructions and from the Google Play Store download the app. If you have problems during assembly or during any other phase do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 2

Using Damerino Basic

Damerino Basic is a textual programming language that can be used directly in the app, so you can use Damerino in standalone avoiding the computer.

Using blocks

Start using blocks. Go to the Damerino app and from the menu click on ‘Server‘.From this moment the server in Android is active and you will see the Damerino logo with some ip addresses below. Now download the software for your computer (choose the version below based on your operating system).

  • Windows
  • Mac OS (coming soon)
  • Linux (coming soon)

Once you have downloaded and launched this file, you will find a black screen that will ask you to enter an ip address. You will simply have to enter the ip address that appeared to you in the app (choose the one in bold and underlined). At this point you can insert your smartphone in Damerino and open Snap! or Scratch by clicking on the images below. You are ready to use the blocks. We recommend using the Chrome browser.

Click to access SNAP! with the Damerino blocks included

Click to access Scratchx with the Damerino blocks included

Notes for Snap!

  • Entering the first time you will see the stage display at full page, to pass to the code press this button:
  • When you run the Damerino blocks for the first time the browser may block them, an icon should appear on the right in the address bar where you can click to unlock them. This should only happen the first time.


Guides and tutorials

Block programming with Snap!


The worksheets are sheets to be printed and let the children fill in, these cards help define the personality and all the characteristics of the Dandy that children want to achieve. From the emotional characteristics of the character to the structure of tables and interaction protocols.

Demo projects

These demo projects are born to give a starting point from which to start for your educational projects. They are not complete and can be modified and expanded based on educational goals and children’s imagination.

Youtube tutorials

In the Youtube channel you will find many Damerino tutorial, keep in mind that we are creating this section in this period, so the videos will increase gradually.


QR Code scanner

To use the QR Code scanner in Damerino you have to install this app. Once installed go to the settings and select the use of the front camera (initially the rear camera is set). Now you can launch the QR Code scans directly with the “QR Code” block that you can find in Snap! and in Scratch. Make sure the environment is bright for the best results.



This is not a toy. It’s not intended as play toys for young children. It’s teaching aids for young people learning the skills of Technology. This project should only be undertaken and tested with the guidance of a fully qualified adult.

Choking hazard: Small parts, not for children under 3 years old. Some parts can be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.


Damerino mark and the Damerino face are registered European trademarks of MecWilly Project. You can do only a personal use, for public or business uses need a permission.